First off … I’d like to take a moment and thank any and or anyone that is interested in my journey, life’s experiences or overall view of life as a whole. NO one  life is the same as another ! That’s the beauty of the world and with sharing it with others around you … Learning is never-ending .

With that being said , lets start with the saying ” It takes a village “… My 20 something self would never know what this means and probably wouldn’t care because I was an independant soul… If no one wanted to hit up the movies with me , I’d go by my self ! I know scary right ? Well soon into 25 I found out what little amount of help I would need   after having my first child Baby D.

His dad was not staying around to be with me and I tried to be a 20 something mom w/ no experience do what I needed to do to get up each day and move forward, while keeping this little human alive… The best part about this time in my life was that I was around a community of people neighbors and new friends I made in my housing complex that had their own very interesting ways of living. They taught me and encouraged me to do my best to learn about things i was interested in including music, baking and general Fun of the world. One person in particular took a huge role in my life at this time , my neighbor I will call her and her boyfriend Mr.Z and Miss A. She introduced me to a company , idea and information about a lifestyle change that would start me on my journey in health , wellness and beauty for me and my kids going forward and in force a huge change in how I treat my body and take care of my family’s as well. She shared her business w/ ARBONNE with me and I have never looked back at changing up the healthy decisions for the  unhealthy information I had been given all the years of my life before then. If I could say one thing about this time in my life , I would say maybe I wasn’t as open to as much information and self growth as I could have been at this time. But again we live and learn … Quick note : I’m still learning!!!!